Aleka & Sarah Watch Game of Thrones


Episode 2.5

I have two pressing thoughts.

1) Tywin looks like a cross between Christopher Lee and Grand Moff Tarkin.

2) Where are our Marshwiggle friends? Jojen and Mari, or whatever her name is…? Why is Bran dreaming Jojen’s dream?

Oh, and a few more.

3) I hate Theon.

4) Why does Asha have a different name?

5) I love Jaqen H’ghar.

6. Why wasn’t Renly wearing his armour thing?

I finished Dance With Dragons.

Some VERY burning questions running through my mind right now. Very burning.

Such as…

The fuck is up with Brienne strolling in la di da with Oathkeeper and seeing Jaime and nobody blinking twice? Zombie Cat had her hanged!!!

Varys, what even.

Tyrion is a masterful little imp.

Ser Barristan is beyond amazing.

Khal Jhaqo?!? WHAT? What is this. What. Is. This. I’m not too worried for Dany’s safety, as she clearly has a freaking dragon with her, but, still… not sure… just… not. sure.

And JON! Oh lordy. I’m sorta confused here. Did he basically say, screw it, I ain’t your Lord Commander, cuz I ain’t your Night’s Watch? At least, the impression I got is that he basically said hell no to being Night’s Watch anymore, which is why he kept saying Night’s Watch is going to Hardhomme, and he was going to Winterfell. Which would explain why random people (who aren’t exactly random) are stabbing him… cuz they consider him a traitor and a turncloak. You know nothing, Jon Snow.

I guess this makes Shireen queen? And Selyse regent? Oh dear gods in heaven. A good thing Jon’s deciding to flee, in that case, because I doubt she will be as patient with him as Stannis was. But now Melisandre has her daggers in the dark.

Also, where the hell is Rickon?! I mean, I know they sent the Onion Knight after him, but…

WAIT. Did that damn red priest kill Brienne and then raise her and make her all unkillable and then she’s gone to lure Jaime, so that Zombie Cat can enact her twisted revenge and get Jaime killed?!

And I’m waiting for some cold, hard proof that this Ser Robert Strange is not, in fact, Gregor Clegane animated by Qyburn.

Finished Feast for Crows.


First of all, I take back my hatred of Doran Martell. FASCINATING. Pot of molten gold, huh? Gotta say, Arienne is better off that way. Viserys is a creep.


Zombie Cat is evil, wtf wtf, don’t hang Brienne!

Poor Margaery.


Other than that, where is my goddamn copy of Dance With Dragons… seriously seriously seriously………


Aemon, you were wonderful. I miss you already. Your hope in Daenerys… just… I love you to little bits and pieces. Not fair.

ARYA BLIND WHAT. WHAT JUST WHAT. Need to get past Cersei being stupid so I can go back to Arya. For crying out loud Cersei, die already.

Still grouchy about someone ratting Arienne and Myrcella and co. out to the dumb prince.

Attempting to read Feast for Crows, but Morgana seems to think I should pay her more attention. She keeps sitting on the book when I try to read it, and when I put it down, she’s rather protective, even whilst sleeping…

Attempting to read Feast for Crows, but Morgana seems to think I should pay her more attention. She keeps sitting on the book when I try to read it, and when I put it down, she’s rather protective, even whilst sleeping…

Finished Storm of Swords.

Mind still reeling.

There has been a lot of negativity from me recently in regard to the goings on in Westeros and surrounding isles…

…this is understandable, I feel, considering the goings on in Westeros and surrounding isles… considering pretty much every character I’ve ever cared about is dying left and right these days.

So, I thought I’d touch briefly on some good things that I’ve read lately (still not done with Storm), because too much negativity just encourages me to rage. ;)

  • Jon gets to be King in the North! Now, he just has to have ravens reach him to tell him… I’m hoping SOMEONE does, and that the folks who knew weren’t all butchered with Robb at the Twins
  • Sam showed up and found Bran! <3 That actually made me really happy. Now, just to find out who this stranger is… I feel like it’s some vaguely wight form of Benjen Stark, but we’ll see
  • JOFF IS DEAD. Slimey bastard. Joff. Is. Dead. Can I say that again?
  • BARRISTON SELMY. Really… how awesome… I almost cried tears of joy when I read that… which is good cuz I did cry on my break at work about Robb and Cat, but Selmy… I just wish Dany could see…
  • Tyrion figured out that Joff is even more despicable, and is responsible for Bran. We won’t go into what happened next.
  • Jaime! For once… and I’m kinda shocked to be including him here… but when he told Tywin off, and said he wasn’t the heir to Casterly Rock, that he WAS the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and ONLY that… I’m still in shock… but… it was awesome…

That about covers the positives. I’ll try to not think of my immense hatred for Melisandre, whilst I’m at it.

Just wanted to say, I enjoy reading your reactions so much! Reminds me of when I was first reading the books, feeling all the same things. Great blog!

Aw, thanks!

After I finished watching the series (with no knowledge of the books), I decided I should read them… and it has been a strenuous relationship. I kept the blog up, because most the people I know IRL who read GoT, didn’t read past the first book, and I’d hate to spoil people, and/or rant to folks who didn’t understand… this way I can express my frustrations and joy… well, mostly frustration at this point… I just want to make them all SEE and understand what I do…

Thank you!